Chicago / Producer / Concept Writer
  • Composition from a drawing, a photo editor, and a photograph merged in one.

  • Planet Room 4.2 Cover+

  • Planet Room 4.2 Concept Gif from the EP A.M. Girl.
    by Doni Hex

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  • Kanti by Devil Blu (Doni Hex)…

    Concept for a track produced by Hex closely inspired from Fooly Cooly’s “Bran-New Lovesong” by Pillows.

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  • A video for the upcoming t.i.c.k. album that was all made on the spot. This was a tribute to rap groups like Tribe Called Quest, Pharcyde, Souls of Mischief, De La Soul, etc..


    D-Jec: @D_jec91
    Doni Hex: @DoniHex
    Panic: @Panic_Da_Rapper
    KIRA: @coldtomatosoup
    Director: D-jec/Hex
    Producer: Hex

    t.i.c.k. Label

  • Atari Trap de KIRA (Artwork by Hex) 1991

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